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Value driven
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Hello, We are Loopweb. we create things.

Creativity & Passion is our strongest power.

We are an international web development and design agency delivering expert and cost effective solutions with stunning results around the world. Our service offerings include Web design, Web development, UX design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Logo design, Brand identity design, Web application development, and E-Commerce solutions.  

With our main focus being web development in South Africa as this is where Loopweb was born, We can't help but brag about the fact that we have international clients From Germany, USA, and the UAE. We know developing a website can be daunting but the real challenge lies in making it usable. The problem is, most web designers/developers forget that the website wasn't created for the themselves alone but also to solve the end users needs. They give creativity priority over practicality. We at Loopweb understand this & give full attention to detail by making a website that not only looks good, but one that is also user-friendly and effective in bringing you the traffic your website needs. Choosing Loopweb is like having the full package of premium design and development at a fraction of the cost.

We love to code.

We think that design is not just a tool, it is a way of life.

We develop your project using pure HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & other technologies ensuring you get a premium and quality end product you and your customers will be happy with. With premium quality comes a premium price, We are not the cheapest developers around, that's because we charge what we believe we are worth, if you are looking for an obsurdly cheap solution, we are not the one for you. If you pay for peanuts, you'll get peanuts. If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur. Here at Loopweb, you get what you pay for and thats premium design and development. Our goal is to not only make money to keep our caring and loving agency up and running so that we can do what we love. Most importantly it is seeing our hard work pay off by seeing the proud facial expressions of our clients and seeing their business prosper. This is what motivates us to do what we love doing, at reasonable prices compared to other design agencies.

We must admit, We have OCD.

We serve all industries.

Entertainment and Media.
Food and Beverage.
Medical and Healthcare.
Schools and institutions.
Technology services.
And more...